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Thank-you for your business.  All custom products are assembled with care from new parts and tested for functionality before being shipped.  Network Decisions will make good any error or defective parts, in any of its products, for one year after purchase, free of charge, if the error was caused by Network Decisions, or the part itself was at fault.  Network Decisions will reinstall operating systems and replace parts without a labor charge for one year after purchase on any product shipped back to the Network Decisions location.  This warranty is void if any upgrades or modifications or physical changes have been made or attempted on any part of the product.  

Some items (such as monitors) may be shipped directly from the supplier to the customer. In these cases it will be the customer's responsibility to complete damaged product returns.   

Network Decisions will not cover the cost of shipping for returns or repairs to the factory, to customers, or to Network Decisions. 

Network Decisions may charge fees for service, repair, or remote administration of any product.

In using a Network Decisions product or service, you agree that neither Network Decisions nor its owners and staff are responsible or liable for any loss of business, money, data, or time caused directly or indirectly by one of its products, services, or employees.
Do not hesitate to contact Network Decisions if a product is defective or nonfunctional.  All emails to support@networkdecisions.com will be handled in the order they arrive.      
Network Decisions uses Paypal for fast, easy, secured online credit and debt card transactions.  Network Decisions accepts cash, money orders, and personal checks.
Network Decisions may choose not to use a package delivery service for local hardware orders.  In these cases, Network Decisions will call ahead and arrange a time for a home delivery provided by Network Decisions staff.