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Network Decisions can remotely administer a network or server to fix configuration issues, install updates, or maintain services. All that is required on your end is the installation of WINVNC, a password protected remote administration program which you can uninstall at any time, or the use of Windows Remote Desktop/Assistance services pre-installed in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP. 

Remote administration using VNC or Remote Desktop/Assistance is 85$ per hour with a one hour minimum. VNC is available from the free tools area on this site. 

Long term remote support contacts can vary in price.  The standard contract is $500 per network per month and $150 per server per month.  Long term network support can include patching, monitoring, backups, basic troubleshooting, or other specific predefined needs.   

Contact support and describe your remote administration issues.

Download WinVNC from the free tools area.